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5 Things You Didn’t Realize About Jewelry

Today I am sharing with you 5 things you should know about Jewelry. I know many of us as women love jewelry. But there are some things we must bear in mind. 

Few people realize how important jewelry is to their look. No matter how beautiful your outfit is, it’s not finished without a piece of jewelry to set it off. A well-chosen necklace or bracelet gives a sense of completion and flair to an outfit. Jewelry is also the perfect way of showing your individualism and eye for trends while wearing classic items of clothing. It can be used to emphasize our femininity and signal our sense of style. So the right piece of jewelry is crucial.

Jewelry is more than just decoration

Did you know that jewelry has always been more than just decoration? It has a deeper meaning too. Our most treasured items are often gifts from loved ones like engagements rings. Or even family heirlooms passed from generation to generation, because they hold sentimental value.  In fact, gemstones have been thought to represent particular qualities throughout antiquity. A diamond meant constancy and innocence. A pearl like these from Maui Divers Jewelry symbolized the moon and protection. While the ruby’s fiery red was often seen as a representation of passion.

You need the right color metals

Are you aware that you need to pick the right color of metal to wear when you are choosing jewelry? People with warmer skin tones suit gold, and the on-trend rose gold, much more than those with cooler skins tones. Those with cool skins tones can wear silver metal with ease like platinum and sterling silver. So it’s important to put as much thought into buying your jewelry as you do you clothes. Especially since you may end up wearing a good piece of jewelry for a much longer period that an item of clothing, that changes with the seasons.


A good piece will have multiple uses

Another thing that is not well-known about jewelry is that a good piece will see you through many seasons and many different outfits. This is much better than buying loads of cheap jewelry that is on trend and then only wearing it once or twice. An understated diamond ring or some classic pearl earrings will have so many more uses than something you pick up in a high street store. You can wear those sort of items with casual or business wear, and even use them to dress up your evening wear outfits.


Quality is important

A lot of people don’t realize that cheap jewelry is cheap because it contains nickel. Don’t get me wrong here,I do love the occasional accessories. But some low end jewelry can cause a nasty allergic reaction. If you do find some statement jewelry that you love at your favorite boutiques, make sure you check that it does not contain nickel. Then you won’t get that telltale green residue when you take it off, and nobody got time for that.

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