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Hello Loves and Happy New year to each on of you reading this blog post. 2018 is here!!! What are you doing to make this year different than last year? Leave a comment below.

I know I have be absent from blogging for a while but believe me when I say I was really busy over the Christmas season and girl… I needed a break. I felt like I was running on “E” and I was also running out of ideas or topics of what to blog about. I was also thinking of stopping blogging. So I took some time to rest and get myself together for the new year.

Every year I make my new year resolutions and by month 3 or 4 into the new year (sometimes even earlier) I drop them one by one. Sometimes I accomplish my goals (one or two) or sometimes I never accomplish any. This year I’m doing something a little different. I’m creating a more attainable, small scale commitments and not large scale goals that I never complete or follow through with. I want to be able to track and manage my goals in such a way that it would make me celebrate more after completing or two each month.

The goal is to complete one item on the list every day but in no particular order. If you plan on joining me on this little ‘new year, new me’ detox, you can tackle each of these tasks in which ever way suits you and your schedule best. Now, I’m not making it a point of duty to finish every one of these items on the list at once or to start over just because I missed one. Thats one of the reasons I never stick to my resolutions, I fail at one thing and immediately self doubt and fear steps in and I feel like I’ve completely fallen off track. With this 31 day challenge, even if I complete some of these tasks it would mean I still made major strides towards myself, my goals, and my career.

31 Day Challenge, 1 Task Per Day

  1. Wake up earlier and spend some intimate time with God (you will reap the benefits trust me)
  2. Don’t Get upset (even if the devil tries – we already know he is a loser)
  3. Prepare for the morning the night before ( believe me, it works especially if you have kids and a husband)
  4. Get a planner or Journal – write your plans down
  5. Abandon toxic relationships and unfollow negative people or pages on social media
  6. Have a spa day – Get your self a pedicure, manicure, massage, facial, bubble bath etc.
  7. Exercise
  8. Start reading a new book (an inspirational one) (presently I am reading one Faithing it by Cora Jakes)
  9. Declutter digital life [Delete apps on your phone you haven’t used in the last month]
  10. Watch a new series or comedy
  11. Watch one of your favorite Pastors on Youtube (Sarah Jakes – she is one of my favorites)
  12. Do your monthly budget and every month evaluate your budget
  13. Save a Dollar a Day
  14. Cook a healthy meal
  15. Smile with everyone you come across today
  16. Buy yourself a new lipstick
  17. No complaints day
  18. Be Intentional and step out of your comfort zone
  19. Send a few ‘touch base’ emails or WhatsApp messages to at least 5 friends
  20. Declutter your space [clean your closet]
  21. Support Local
  22. Go for a walk OUTSIDE
  23.  Don’t talk anything negative about any other woman. Positive vibes only!
  24. Evaluate your last 5 purchases. Were they worth it?
  25. Spend quality time with your family
  26. Write down 10 things you are thankful for
  27. Take yourself out to lunch/dinner
  28. Appreciate someone by giving them a gift of any kind
  29. Rest, Relax and Mediate
  30. Plan a future trip and save towards it.
  31. Identify 3-6 main priorities and write them down in order of importance. Read it at the end of the year

This challenge can be done monthly. Join me as we work towards detoxing and living our best lives.

Thank you for reading.

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