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Hello Loves,

Today I wanted to get a little personal and share with you about my feelings. My authenticity has a limit. I really wanted to share with you because I know at times as women we are bombarded by so much its difficult at times to express our selves – our feelings. I know what’s been on my heart and on my mind, but I’m afraid to talk about it. I’m afraid that you will read about my current vulnerabilities, and that’s a little TOO real. Honestly, I sitting here staring at the screen with tears in my eyes getting ready to open up about my current battles which makes me feel weak.  But today, I’m stepping out and I’m getting over that fear with the hopes to encourage and inspire you to do the same.

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed, fearful, unmotivated, stressed and the feelings were coming after me hard and fast. I felt like I was in an ice box with no escape. Feelings.  Not sure how to deal with my feelings/emotions. One day I am happy as a chap then the next I am deep in the ocean struggling to stay afloat. As everyday women we have mixed feelings sometimes in one given day we feel happy, sad, hurt angry, fearful, defeated, depressed, amazed, loved, empowered, inspired, hopeful, optimistic  and the list can go on and on as to how we feel and or is feeling. But I can assure you that these feelings don’t last very long. The only how it can last that long is if we allow these uncomfortable emotions to  plague us like nightmares and if we are not careful it will affect our mental health detrimentally. 

Six things I learnt this pass few days:

  • Cast your cares unto Jesus for He care for you. That includes your feelings. Give them over to him let him soothe you with his love and peace.
  • Always find some one to confide in. Your coach, best friend, mom, aunt.Talk to some one you can trust.
  • Despite of how you feel always remember you are loved
  • Affirm yourself
  • Celebrate your small wins/ victories.
  • Never ever condemn your self.
  • Timing is everything. And time will move slower if you’re watching it. Let it go. Live your life. The time will pass anyway…might as well live it up while it does.

I was speaking to a very good friend of mines about how I was feeling for the pass week and she share with me three things that helped her to over come her feelings and I thought it was prudent to share as well:

1.  I understand that there are seasons in life – Not everyday is going to go my way.  But even when it doesn’t I know that in the midst of it all that they are still working out for my good.
2.  I am deliberate when it comes to my happiness.  I am the only one responsible for it therefore no one or nothing can take it from me.  So I deliberately focus on my accomplishments and how far I’ve come and I deliberately smile and thank God!
3.  Me time – I understand the importance of spending alone time with me.  I date myself and enjoy my own company.  I go to lunch, go to the movies, grab a cappuccino. My manis and pedis are a must.  Self care is a huge part of balance in life.  It has boosted my confidence that I can go out alone and be ok with it and that makes me super happy!!!
 How do you overcome your feelings when it becomes overbearing? please share in the comments box so that some one can be inspired and empowered.

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