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How to Build a Practical Wardrobe and Shop Smarter

 Hello Style Lovers,

I hope every one had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was great because it was my birthday weekend. I celebrated another year and I am beyond blessed and grateful to be afforded such opportunity. Today I want to share with your some tips on how to build a practical wardrobe and shop smarter.

Many times as women especially fashion lovers, we tend to gravitate to every new trend that is out in the fashion world. And that is ok, but when it comes to building a practical wardrobe we need to be guided accordingly. For some this may take but for others it may be easy as 1, 2, 3.

For me it was difficult, and I am still in the process of building a wardrobe that is functional and for my lifestyle. I was known as a serious shopaholic. I will buy an outfit for every occasion/event, but was that practical for me, NO!!! This is the reason why I want to share with you 4 amazing tips that will ensure you to save and look stylish at the same time.

Know Your Closet

A great way to start smart and make smart shopping decisions is to know what exactly you are aiming for and to have a solid grasp on the of types clothes, shoes, and accessories you already have in your closet. Start with color: If I already have five pairs of nude heels, then I can use this as a frame of reference the next time I’m shoe shopping and trying to decide between a pair of yellow wedges or another pair of nude heels.

Assess the amount of basic colors like black, white, nude, and navy across your wardrobe. These are likely the practical items that you pair with many different looks. You can also look at style details like, long sleeve versus short sleeve shirts, blouses versus t-shirts, and stilettos versus wedges. Arm yourself with this knowledge before your next shopping trip and you’ll feel more confident in your purchase decisions.



Identify New Style Trends That Interest You

Please don’t feel guilty if you missed a style trend. Always ask yourself, what is catching your eye lately when browsing through style magazines or online shops? What are some of your favorite style influencers wearing that you would love to try? What color would you like to start incorporating in your wardrobe? When it comes to adding those high-impact creative pieces to your wardrobe, allow your inspiration to come from everywhere. STYLE TIP – Always have a Style Inspiration. And most importantly, hold yourself accountable to actually trying something new, even if it’s just one item every time you shop. Its ok to take baby steps, they are so welcome.

Budget and Schedule Major Shopping Moments

Budgeting and scheduling when you are going to shop more than usual is probably the best way to achieve this overall wardrobe balance. Another Style tip is to use the seasons (we Caribbean girls do follow the trends by seasons, so I encourage you to choose wisely.) as your guide:

  • use the tips listed above to identify what more practical, go-to items you need and what new styles do you want to try for that season.
  • Set your total shopping budget and allocate it as needed based on these two closet categories.
  • Write this down, it will help guide your shopping and make sure that you are spending in a smarter way while still filling your closet gaps. The more prepared you are for those major shopping moments, the less guilty you will feel later. Trust me, I know, I was there.

If All Else Fails, Go for Something New

You’ve probably been building a practical wardrobe your whole life, so if you really have to choose, go towards something unique and out of your comfort zone that’s going to add something special to your wardrobe!


I hope this is very helpful guys, definitely let me have your thoughts on these tips. Have an awesome week!



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