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Hey Loves,

How are you all doing? I hope every one had a wonderful weekend. Despite some of the incidents that occurred on the weekend I pray every one is safe and doing extremely well.

Today I am extremely excited because I am officially the Brand Ambassador for Nu Luna. Isn’t this awesome news.?! (which means I will be offering my styling services soon) I worked along with this brand for a year or two (can’t remember exactly) as a Rep on the island and the experience was expectational. So it was only natural, when the CEO Victoria (Cece) asked to become the Brand Ambassador for her brand my answer was ummm YES, of course!

Nu Luna is a very unique online Boutique that caters for the everyday woman. Nu Luna take every woman styling needs very seriously which is why they have adopted a more personalized approach to fashion rather than being just another online boutique.  Whatever your styling needs, they stand ready to over exceed your expectations by taking into account your lifestyle, personality and budget to create your very own signature style.

Nu Luna is a such a budget friendly Brand that they offer two amazing and affordable packages that are unbelievable. Stylishly named Fashionista and Runway.  For more information on the services and how it works head over to Nu Luna. OR contact me via face book.

Have you been looking for a new direction for your style – a new way to mix things up? I know many of you are very cautious when it comes to colour and colour blocking. Believe me, colour blocking can be loads of fun and it is a great opportunity to mix and remix the clothes you already have in your closet.

You might be wondering what is colour blocking – Color-blocking is when a garment or outfit is composed of finite blocks of color.

So my question to you is, have you considered color blocking? Here are 4 ways to colour block your outfit without any fuss:

1. Wear contrasting color shoes.

You can have a bright color outfit, where pieces of clothing are close in color or the same color. If you add a contrasting color shoes to the outfit, you look becomes so much more vibrant and interesting. Feel free to always add some white to your outfit: not only white is ever-trendy, but it goes well with all other colors. I would suggest keeping accessories quiet and modest, since the main accent would be on color blocking.

2. Wear dress and shoes of the same color, but throw in a purse of a contrasting color.

Coral dress and different hue coral shoes look fabulous together. The only thing is that you definitely need to add another color to an outfit like this. You can play really safe by wearing white or beige purse, and you would look absolutely stunning and elegant. But if you want to be bolder with color blocking, definitely go for contrasting color purse. Try coral and emerald combination.

3. Wear top and skirt of contrasting colors.

Wearing a top and a skirt (or pants) of contrasting colors is another way of color blocking.  As I mentioned earlier, there is no need to go overboard with accessories when the main accent is placed on color blocking.

4. Wear shoes and bag of the same color with a monochrome dress.

Try using the combination of turquoise dress and light pink purse this look will look gorgeous. Grecian dress and vintage purse is a bold combination which worked out really well. Neon pink shoes add some spice and brightness to the outfit, but because the shoes and the purse are the same colors (just different hues), the outfit looks very elegant and chic. Perl earrings and bracelet make the look classy and even more elegant. 


Colour Blocking has been a trend which went all the way back to the 50’s  and know it’s even more or a bigger trend now. So why not join in.


Surprisingly,  this emerald dress can be styled in so many different ways, with other colours such like neon pink or yellow or even red which will be fantastic for colour blocking.

Honestly there’s nothing to be afraid of, just ensure that you are comfortable in stepping out of your comfort zone in order to try something that is new and liberating.

If you are interesting in shopping any of the pieces please contact me on face book or leave a comment under the post.

Try using some of my tips, be inspired and have yourself an amazing week.


Dress: Nu Luna /  Cardigan– Nu Luna   /  Photographer: Camtastic Photography / Shoe: Old / Bracelet: D’Accessory Place / Wig: The Wig and Jewelry Company / Sun Glasses: Sewcialite 

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    Nu Luna is honored to work with you. You aee awesome!

    May 3, 2017 at 5:32 pm
    • Reply TailoredByTerrieann

      thank you hun. The pleasure is all mines.

      May 3, 2017 at 5:48 pm

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