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How to look Stylish with an ever Changing body shape

Hello loves,

Ok loves, so I’ll say it… I’m carrying and have been carrying around a little extra ‘pound’ or two on my current frame.

For most of you who don’t know I am a mother of an adorable two year old hence the reason for the pound or two, please don’t judge me. But I now fall in the category of the Curvy Girl Crew.

Hardly noticeable to those who don’t know me, but my jeans are a little extra snug, my tops have a little more cleavage and my stomach has a little more hang. Like we Caribbean people like to say I have tires and assets.  These are things I know I want to work on, and will change, but I’m not in going to rush the process. I am actually enjoying the weight at the moment. I feel confident in body and with who I am. I am not allowing my extra pounds to dictate who I am. However, during this transition period I still want to have some style and make it work and I know this is an a experience that many women go though, from those on a weight-loss journey, those impacted by motherhood and others who just seem to fluctuate.

When I put this look together, I kind of gave myself a nod in the mirror and realized I look good and felt great, so I thought of the reasons why and wanted to share  with you love amazing ladies these tips.


There is nothing like not having to suck in, tuck back, squish and squash. I have realized that a denim blouse is the best for those wanting to look stylish but feel comfortable. This blouse is from Moses Fashionable Boutique in a gorgeous denim fabric that feels great on the skin and gives me extra room. Very affordable as well.


Whether it is a strong belt, a good bra or even spanks, when you feel supported  you will feel more comfortable and your clothing will sit on your frame in the most flattering way. Belts are currently a life saver for me when my jeans are on the tighter side. Please note I did not wear a belt in this photo.


These will always look stylish no matter how a persons body changes. Wearing simple looks like a shirt jeans and heels, will always look good in all seasons. Similar to wearing all black, some looks will always be right and is ok to go back to the basics.


Be it a pair of heels, or the perfect accessories, adding that extra flare will keep you stylish even when your body is changing.

Listen loves, do not fret or frown because you added a few pounds to you body shape. Enjoy the moment and have fun, be stylish and be confident not forgetting to be you. A bit of advice: Do not try to change for anyone or anything. Be Confident, Be You, not forgetting to Be Stylish!! 

Have a Happy and Bless Weekend.


Demin Top: Moses Fashionable Boutique / Skirt:  Old Navy Statement necklace: old / Earrings: Payless Grenada  /  Photographer: Camtastic Photography  / Shoes: old  /  Bracelet:  D’Accessory Place  / 


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