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Hello loves,

Today I just wanted to share one of my small victories with you all. I always believe in life it is necessary for us to celebrate our small wins or victories. Sometimes we work so hard and we never take time to relax, breathe, enjoy the moment of our hard labour. But today I wanted to do just that and share with you the importance of celebrating life or rewarding our selves.

Last year I officially started my blogging journey and to be honest I had no clue what I was getting into and how much work it entails. But I continued to pursue it because I realized that my love for it grew stronger and stronger.  However, being a wife, mom, blogger and working a full time job is no easy task and there are times I honestly feel like quitting, and giving it all up, but I am reminded of my “why”- why I started in the first place.

Fast forwarding my journey, it has been a great one with great opportunities God has allowed me to acquire. I must say without God all I could not have made it thus far. There were moments during my blogging journey I would wonder if  I am really inspiring women to live the best versions of their lives. In those moments I had to remind myself that everything takes time and in the right time the opportunity will come.

Bang!! Two weeks ago I was contacted by the owner Joann of Secret Birds Caribbean to be featured on her blog and boy I was ecstatic. Being able to be exposed to a wider audience is always an excellent opportunity. I embrace it with a grateful heart.  She sent me a list of questions that I had to prepare for the interview, wow and these questions had me thinking long and hard but it showed me that I am stronger than I think and it also reminded me that I have lives to inspire and empower.

Here’s a sneak peek of part of my interview. To read the full interview head over to

Don’t be hard on your self. Life is worth celebrating.  Be grateful for the small blessings because in due time the big ones will soon come. Continue to work hard and peruse your dreams and never ever forget God on your journey to success.

I love you for viewing

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