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Living with a Two Year Old

Hello Loves,
Today I wanted to share  with you moms the joys of  living with a two year old.
Let me tell you — there is never a dull moment  at our house with Isabella. Isabella is our two year old daughter and the joys and pains put together give a total burst of kaleidoscope of new adventures for us as her parents. I mostly disagree with people when its said that age two is the — “terrible twos.” My daughter has her “ naughty  or terrible” moments, of course, but her good behavior far outweighs the bad. She’s an intelligent and bless child and I thank God daily for  such blessing. (Ask me again when she’s three…lol!) That being said, here are my four reasons why two year old rock as well as the reasons they might send you to the loony bin… with gray hairs before you hit  40. lol!!


1. They are always excited about the littlest things.

“BIKE!” Isabella is always excited (sometimes scared)  when she hears a bike , garbage trucks, or even buses , exclaiming  every time she sees one. Imagine their world for a moment though… every single thing is new and interesting, and they aren’t afraid to show their excitement for it. We could all use a lesson from them as a good reminder to appreciate the amazing things around us every day.

2. They go with the flow (sometimes!).

Almost every morning I have to wake Isabella to get ready for the day — she sometimes complains about it but after she is fully awake she is perfectly fine. It could be very frustrating at times but I always have to remember she only two and still my baby.

 Literally she goes with the flow and she’s happy. Once she’s happy, then I am happy
3. They are so innocent and usually sweet.
She always so concerned. If I cough too hard she’s like “Mommy wha happen” I laugh too loud she asked the same question Their sweet innocence is enough to melt your heart.
4. They think we (parents) are super heroes.
“Mommy where’s my baby” or where’s my toy? Don’t worry mommy will find it, pulling it out of no where (well so she thinks)! Her little eyes light up so bright as the stars at night with the cutest smile on her face melts my heart always. I am certain that she thinks mommy has super powers. lol!


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