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Hello loves,

Today’s post is a little different. Today I want to encourage you and encourage myself with this note – DAVID YOUR GOLIATH.

Lately I have been questioning myself a lot, and one of my main question was”I am doing my best”, “or am I allowing my failures (Goliath) to over come me”.

I have been struggling with my businesses and trying to get them off the ground. It seems that every time I think I am moving forward there goes a speed bump of delay to hinder me from moving forward. There are times I push through and there are times I sit back and allow the speed bump to be a hindrance.

Day by day I am learning to David my Goliath. It is not an easy road to success but the end results are sure once you and I believe it is possible.

We all know the story in the bible of how David was able to conquer Goliath. It was his faith in God and his determination that he can do it that cause him great success.

My encouragement to you is to continue to push and surround yourself with people who sees your success and motivates you to continue on this journey. Keep going even if it gets tough.

Seek God first and believe that He is able to do just what He said He will do.


Have a fabulous week!

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