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Head Wrap – Butterfly Kisses


Hey loves, Happy Tuesday!!

So happy to have you here, I know I am late with this news but I have launch my new Head wrap line. Yassssss I did!!! I can’t believe that I actually did!!!! (Screams) It was definitely hard work (work in progress) and tons and tons of prayers. I prayed and asked for strength, when I needed it the most, and God did indeed blessed me and I am so very grateful to Him.

On 2nd September, 2017, I launched my Head Wrap line at The Mane Game event. I was not sure what the response would have been like (and honestly I was scared) when I entered the event, but I can tell you that at the end your girl did extremely well. Haha!! The response was great.

I am really excited about the new addition to Tailored by Terrieann because it depicts the type of person I am. Some of you maybe still wondering who is Tailored by Terrieann and why Head wraps? Why not clothes, shoes jewelry or make-up? Hmmm….

My brand story is simple:

“Tailored by Terrieann is a young woman with a passion to help, inspire and influence women through fashion, style, beauty , lifestyle and social empowerment events.

Tailored by Terrieann  knows much about having fun, expressing herself and making a lasting impression when it comes to fashion and making a fashion statement.  Tailored by Terrieann style is bold, fun and classy which any every day woman can easily adopt. Hence the reason for creating her own Head Wrap Line as an addition the brand.

She believes strongly in standing out and being unique. She also believes that her style is more than clothes, shoes and jewelry but is also an extension of her character and personality. With this new line Tailored by Terrieann desire is to create and cultivate a life, abundant with vivid color, texture, and handmade goods.

We hope you’ll find inspiration to be more stylishly creative and confident in your daily life as everyday women”.

It’s funny how it all came together. One Sunday evening I was relaxing on my bed when the idea just popped up in my mind: “why don’t you create a head wrap line?” I know I always wanted to do something more with Tailored by Terrieann but I could not figure it out until the idea came. I am most passionate about style, implementing and setting style trends that can work for everyday busy women like myself. Creating the head wrap line was definitely a trend setter for me to start off. In that moment I told my self “I can do this” although the fear gripped me. I hesitated for a few weeks before actually starting but I decided to kick fear in the “butt” and I went for it.

Honestly, I have been obsessed with head wraps for the past 5 years but only recently, since the brilliant idea came, I have been wearing them religiously.  I have decided to keep the head wrap line under the umbrella of Tailored by Terrieann for now. Let’s see how everything unfolds in the coming months.

I am really excited about this and I can assure you that you will be excited too. I have created my first collection called ” Faith Collection”, with names and powerful meanings. The meanings are meant to affirm, uplift and inspire you as you wear your Head wrap with style and confidence.

I will be hosting a Pop-Up shop very soon where I’ll be showing you how to style and tie your head wrap. So stay tuned in for the date.

Head Wrap – Candy Gal 

Head Wrap – Bella

Head Wrap – Lola

Head Wrap – Grace


Head Wrap – Irie

Head Wrap -Blossom

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