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This year was a year I really paid attention to life and the true meaning of life. I have been praying and asking for things that was delivered to me in the most amazing and unconventional way. This year some of my blessings came in different forms and through paths, roads, and people that I  never could have imagined or expected. But I have learnt to embrace my journey and be open to new ideas and opportunities.

What 2016 taught me? Today I will share with you 10 things 2016 taught me and I  will be taking them with me into 2017

How to Trust and Depend on God

Trusting and Depending on God to see your goals and dreams follow through is imperative. You can’t achieve nothing in life if you do not know or learn how to Trust and Depend God. Every time I felt like giving up I was reminded in his word this His Grace is sufficient.

  How to have Patience

Having Patience in the midst of the storm is the key to experiencing Peace. Believe me when I say, I learnt lots of Patience this year. Otherwise I would have gone crazy if I had not take time to breathe and just allow God to work out things in his own time.

 How to develop Self-Determination

Wow!! this year I really had to push my self to the extreme with being determine. Honestly, if I was not self driven / motivated I would not have accomplished so many things this year. When my back was against the wall and the disappointments came pouring in like rain I really had to stand tall, encourage myself and implement.

  How to conquer Fear

Fear was the main factor that held me in captivity for so long but I thank God for his enabling strength that He gave me to conquere fear and I won. If you are fearful of starting anything believe me just start do not let fear win or cripple you. Just start!!

   How to follow my dreams despite the odds

I was like a caterpillar ready to become a butterfly. Once I realised that my dreams were haunting me like night mares.  I could not stop thinking or day dreaming about them. Let me tell you I allowed fear, doubt and the haters to intrude my mind and that held me back following my dreams. Then, I knew it was time to go fort. With God on my side, I knew all things were possible once I believe.

  How to Believe and Achieve

I am strong advocate for dreaming big but I am also a die hard fan of believing and achieving because it goes hand in hand. Sometimes things do not happen they we want but should we should never stop believing and achieving. Always strive for the best never settle for less.

 How to appreciate small blessings

Honestly, I never use to pay attention to the little things, which means I was never thankful for my small blessings until this year. This year made me humble and start being thankful for the tiniest blessing. Once I started, I learnt  to appreciate the bigger blessings more than ever.

  How to be Grateful

Oh how I am so grateful for everything in my life. I use to take so many things for granted  but I have learnt how to be grateful.

 Realising that not everyone will love you

I wanted to be love by everyone but this year taught me that not everyone will love or accept you for who you are. However, I will still love and show love to everyone I meet.

 Give, Give, Give and Give

Giving is the key to blessing a soul. I learnt that giving out of a need results in receiving unexpected abundant blessings!

I encourage you for 2017 to Let go and Let God. Follow your dreams and allow God to direct you every path. Get rid of the toxic people in your life and pay no heed to the nay sayers. Show them it can be done. Just do it!!

Have a Happy New Year and Have a bless and fruitful 2017.

What did 2016 taught you?!


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