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                  “I believe that even if we fail, it’s never too late to live the best version of your life and live what you love.”

-Terrieann Charles

 WHO is Terrieann?    

I’m Daron’s wife and Isabella’s mom. I’m also Abihail’s and Terrence’s sister and Theo’s (deceased) & Theresa’s daughter. But most importantly, I’m myself. A girl who decided to take a chance on herself, stepped out of her comfort zone and live what she loves. I was about to give a fancy detailed bio talking about all what gave me the idea and inspiration to step out and do what i love as a blogger, but i will let you take that ride with me as everything unfolds. The future looks bright.

Hi I’m Terrieann, welcome to my world where I share tips and tricks on how to live the best version of your life and live what you love. I’m a Caribbean Girl who lives in the beautiful Island of Grenada, who is glad to have the opportunity to share my looks, life and journey with an online community. I feel there is going to be a lot in store so enjoy the ride with me.

About TailoredbyTerrieann

Tailored by Terrieann is a Beauty+ Fashion+ Lifestyle blog which aims to embrace all the layers that make us fascinating, resilient, confident and supportive as women.

Our passion revolves around empowering women in all areas of life. At the very core of this passion is the focus on self-love, the role of fashion in women’s lives, innovative social events and the power of being self-sufficient.

When I’m not blogging you can find me hosting events or spending quality time with my family. I love connecting and collaborating so don’t hesitate to say hi!  If you’re interested in working with me, please shoot me an email (

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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