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Hello Loves,

In the matter of days we will be celebrating 43 years of Independence. What a journey we have gone through as a people, yet for all we are still standing strong my God’s grace and mercies. It feels good to be liberated but at times we are still bound to our own trials, failures and the pressure of life. Despite of it all we are a strong, resilient  we are loving, intelligent, smart, proactive and the list can go on and on and on. We are one, people one nation, together we build to aspire and achieve, advance
as one people, one family God bless our nation. That is who we are “Grenadians”

I love Grenada, like the saying goes there is no place like home. I am not a Grenadian by birth, but I am a Grenadian in every aspect. I love this little Island I call her my land of my future not of my birth because Trinidad (yes I am a ‘Trini’) will always be my home and very dear to my heart. I love to call myself “Island Girl’ because I am from two Islands on the blue Caribbean Sea.

Being an Island Girl is very exuberant  and it feels liberating. The food, rich taste of  history and heritage, the culture,the ambiance, people and lifestyle, oh my gosh not forgetting the beaches and waterfalls all put together is so blissful and out of this world. What I love most about being a Grenadian and being an Island Girl is definitely the uniqueness of being able to stand out among the crowd. I can say I love this and that and all nice and fancy things but being able to stand for your right and against the daily battles, being strong during journey life’s journey, being able to say NO to the negativity clouding our beautiful atmosphere and most importantly after all is said and done being able to acknowledge and trust God in the good times and bad.

As we celebrate our 43rd year of Independence I urge all you my Grenadian/Island girls-  do not settle for less, stand tall, Be You, Be Confident, take charge over your life, do not give up on your dreams, work hard and continue to believe because all things are possible through Christ that strengthens you. YOU ARE BLESS AND HIGHLY FAVOURED!!!

I hope you get inspired by this stylish causal look and use the links to shop The Power of I AM Collection . Have a fabulous weekend. Happy Independence to all my Island Loves.


Graphic Tee: Tailoredbyterrieannshop/ Distress jeans:  old / Earrings: D’Accessory Place  /  Photographer: Camtastic Photography  / Shoes: Muse Grenada  /  Bracelet:  old



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