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I am literally BURSTING with excitement to finally share with you all about this news. I am hosting my last event for the year! I have been wanting to create an such an event like this for quite some time now and the time has finally come. The event is called “Redefining Beauty Empowerment Lounge” (cute right?) and it will be a chic cocktail affair (Top Secret) to bring together women from all walks of life and more. This event is going to be full of surprises, empowerment, education, sharing, networking, laughter and so much fun not forgetting the  loads of giveaways. You really do not want to miss it.

My main purpose for this event is to empower, motivate, influence and celebrate the vibrant community of  women. Sadly, society has created a “mold” for us to follow and we as women often times fall into the said “mold” which causes us sometimes to lose ourselves. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we would realise that we struggle in the area of Beauty. Hence, the reason I created such event to remind us that we do not have to believe the lies that society has told us, but believe that we are beautiful inside out.

In our little Island Grenada where, often times, people (women in general) are trying to be someone they are not, or conform to what everyone is telling them they should be. I am here to encourage you, woman to woman, that you should not afraid to be who you are, no matter your size, your body type, your looks, colour of your skin, your hair texture, shape of your nose etc. You are who you are, because God created you beautiful and you are wonderfully made by Him. So I implore you to Be You, Be Beautiful, Be Confident and shine!

The Presenters at this exquisite and one of a kind event are phenomenal, beautiful, courageous, fearless, creative and unique women. These women did and still sometimes struggle with defining their beauty. Thankfully, they conquered and overcame these struggles and are blessed with a wealth of knowledge and are capable and gifted with sharing with you how they did it and educate you on how you can do it too.

I am very honoured to introduce to you the Presenters:

Mrs. Nakita Noel – A dedicated Social worker and the best in her field and very verse  in her career. She’s a woman of God, an educator and a loving wife who has a deep passion for women especially the mental, social and physical development of women.  She will be educating us on “Diverse effects of not accepting you are beautiful”.


Ms. Kelly-Ann Henry – A young woman you has many God-given talents in which she uses to inspire and empower women on a daily basis. She is indeed a phenomenal business woman. She is the proud owner of the TV show Kadima Grenada, the “super woman” behind the lens of Camtastic Photography and also a Mary Kay Consultant. Oh and not forgetting she successfully owns The Wig and Jewelry Shop. She will be educating us on “How can we enhance our beauty and still remain beautiful?.”


 Ms. Neisha La ToucheFashion Designer, Stylist and Consultant were just a few titles to describe Grenadian born creative.

Her talents has extended beyond her roles in the fashion industry as she’s turned her passion for creativity into a career, working with brands from all over the world to create unique online content, events and interior styling, brand development, lifestyle concierge services and more.

Neisha has been building her multidimensional, personal brand Neisha La Touche, that she revealed she would be sharing more of in the coming months…  Oh how we eagerly await her unveil! She will be educating us on Style vs. Beauty and why it is important in our everyday lives.


Mrs. Denise Happy – A mighty woman of God who co-pastor’s with her husband in Ministry. Oh this beautiful woman has a deep love for ministry and women.  She is a motivational speaker who has a huge heart that is full with compassion and love beyond degree for women to live out the best version of their lives.   She will be empowering us “Inner Beauty, ways to maintain it and the importance of have such quality.


Lastly, we have some amazing sponsors and vendors. I really cannot thank them enough for joining me in this venture. Some of these brands that I have worked with before and can personally attest to my eagerness and joy that I have for inspiring, empowering and influencing women to look and feel great about themselves.


Don’t forget to walk with extra cash loves, because there will be some of our local vendors there, who will be having some amazing items that you will just need to carry home with you. I also believe in supporting our local brands, I entreat you to support our vendors/brands.

You can contact me for your tickets through facebook (tailoredbyterrieann).

Thank you all for your support in advance and I hope to see you all on the 26th November, 2016 at Redefining Beauty Empowerment Lounge.

Please note:


 *By entering the event, you agree that TailoredbyTerrieann may videotape and photograph you, and record your voice, conversation and sounds. You also agree that your photo or a likeness of you may be used for promotional purposes without compensation to you.

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